Hi if there's any game you don't see here email me: TRUSTNO1@crasseux.com

Newest Additions:

Apocalypse Cow (1 meg)

Lost Vikings (1.3 megs)

Ufo: Enemy unknown (4 megs)

Nyet 3 (600k) One of the best tetris games around. You get to use your points to buy weapons, and each level is different.

Are you looking for Tyrian? Then dig this little riddle: "let the source be with you",

First here's a classic:

Digger Remastered <debian package>

I remember playing this game on a 8086 back in the 80's. The game was released in 1983 the year I was born. Well for a long time there was no modern version of this classic game. But then around comes this guy who decompiles the whole program and puts it back together again.

So how good is it? Not so good, but if you were around in those days you'd know that you could count decent video games on one hand back then. All I had to play was Zaxon, Donkey Kong, Test Drive and digger.

The best game there in terms of graphics would probably be test drive. I mean you can still play the original test drive on a modern PC.

So here it is:Test Drive 1 ~260k

Where was I oh yeah, test drive. Great game and all, awesome really, but nowadays it's just not playable, well I play it, but you're probably normal. Anyways as with all great games, no matter how old it may be, play it and you'll be hooked.

On the other hand digger is still as good today as it was back then. I mean if anything it's evem better now. I mean back then it was only good because it was an arcade style game for the PC, but arcade fans were sick and tired of that whole pacmanish style of games. However nowadays the whole concept of a 2d game is pretty much dead (but i'm not complaining, you should really try pong!3d it's a 3d version of pong with all new levels, heck you can play 4 players!).

Ok here are some of the games that were on my last site. Some back by popular demand, some back even though I am pretty much the only one who knows they exists. By the way I will try to bring back Tyrian as it is a very requested game. Anyways here's what you came for:

Arcade VolleyballThis is an insanely good 0/1/2 player game. You are what appears to be a ball of cotton and you have to play volleyball in almost 2 dimensions.

Magic MushroomAnother terrible dos game worth a try. This one has no sound effects so pop in a cd. (Or play an mp3 if you're using anything faster than a 486 :) )

Speed HasteA racing game that was pretty cool in its day. (Circa early 90s)

Jones in the Fast LaneAs far as I'm concerned this is the only decent board game ever made for the computer. You have to get a job, pay rent, buy stuff, etc. First to fulfill all their money, happinness, career and education requirements wins. If you're alone just challenge Jones.

BlockoutA 3d version of the classic tetris. Not so good. If you're a tetris fan get Nyet I have no clue where it can be found, but if I do I'll put it here. If anyone has it please let me know.

More to come later.

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