I happen to live in Montreal.
I think it's a pretty cool place to live.
Of course I'm not a very cool person.
I'm lame and I like to do lame things.

Here's short description of a Montreal icebiking experience.

I'm currently living in an apartment downtown.
This is cool because I live 11 blocks away from school.
So I can bike or walk to school all year long.
For the would be stalkers in the audience I live on St-Mathieu Street.
I used to live on that street when I was a kid too.
I'll put up some pictures of all this eventually.
I really need a digital camera or a web cam or something...

I've been exploring the abandoned buildings
around town for a while now. I thought it
would be cool to take pictures of them and
gather up historical. This site already did it:
Montreal's Abandoned Buildings

Here are some things you could do while in Montreal:
Check out Cheap Thrills a record store (they do mail order).

There are a couple of good parks here...
One excellent one is the park on Ile Ste Helene...
Recently renamed Parc Jean-Drapeau, but well that's
a pretty lame name... Still it's worth checking out.
Almost always empty except in the peak picnicking
days of summer.

I'll have to upload some pics of that park...
I had some beautiful shots from last fall, wonder where they are now...

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