Well OK so I don't know much about art or much of anything else for that matter, but I know what I like. And some of this stuff may be stupid but what the hell, this is my site and nobody is actually viewing this stuff anyways :( .

So I'd like to start off with some comics some people might find offensive. They're not. They might seem a little sexually explicit but just look at the style of the animation. This is pure filth, yet somehow entertaining, oh well.

I really shouldn't be doing this. In fact if any of you actually download this stuff I'll probably be shut down again. Wouldn't that be a big loss...

So without further crassitude I give you my comics section.

While this site has always attempted to remain as crummy and ASCII bound as possible, all that may soon change. With the arrival of my Gopher Server there no longer is a need to keep this site text only. When completed this site will be accessible in text-only form through gopher.

In the past I felt that style-sheets were evil. This was mostly because I had no clue what style-sheets were, but also because I don't believe in things being done on the browser level. I have since come to change my mind. While there are some things I don't like about style-sheets I think the good outweighs the bad.

Basically style-sheets allow you to modify the HTML tags at your disposal. You can for example change the color of all the links on your page, or make the text of your document purple and centered, etc. The real fun part is that you can have the style-sheet as a separate file that is attached to your HTML. That way multiple pages can share the same "style". This is quite handy as you can edit the style-sheet instead of modifying all your pages.

This means that if you are browsing a site that uses style sheets properly, then you can shut off style sheets in your browser and browse the site as though you were back in the HTML 2.0 days.

However there is one small problem. Some browsers (notably Netscape 4) have broken style-sheet support. So that basically this web-site has functional problems when viewed with some browsers. But since that is the browsers' problem and since this site is still quite enjoyable when viewed with lynx in text mode, I'm not going to spend too much time worrying about that.

This site best viewed with Lynx or Mozilla or Konqueror or any standards compliant browser!

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