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This section serves to refute lame arguments to the effect that computers and the internet are destroying society and polluting our mental environments (not that any of you think that way):

Noam Chomsky - Genesis to End Times America, the Middle East, Iran, Israel/Palestine, etc.

Noam Chomsky - Genesis to End Times Q and A Question and answer session after the talk.

My Picasa Photo Album

Pictures from the Ottawa tulip festival, camping at Killarney provincial park, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels.

Personal Bookmarks

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages

The best website about cycling. Covers a wide range of topic: commuting, touring, fixing a flat, etc.


This is the zine "about going places you're not supposed to". It has many articles to help you explore abandoned and not so abandoned buildings. A paper version is available for the unbelievably low price of 2$ per issue including postage (how they can afford to sell so low I don't know).

Guerrilla News Network:

Tune in to GNN for the latest in ground breaking investigative reporting. Some incredible journalism, the likes of which you would be hard pressed to find in print form. Check out the Coca-Karma special report about an incredible coverup staged by the Coke.

Project Gutenberg

Here you can find any number of classic books. Available to download free of charge. These books are in the public domain, but without the efforts of these volunteers there wouldn't be an easy way to access them. As for using the e-texts for research purposes, it is needless to say that searching these files is easier than searching the book.

Anarchy FAQ

Very thorough online document about anarchy, anarchism, etc. This document has been built by the efforts of several anarchists collaborating through the internet. Anarchism isn't what you think it is...

Amanda Carpenter's home

Amanda Carpenter is a law student who wants to save the world. She's also the girl of my dreams :) (this is not the right-wing writer)

Jbaydo's home

Jad Baydoun is awesome! Although his website, is not so awesome...

Lynx Browser

Lynx is a test based www/html browser. You might think me a luddite for suggesting you even consider using a text-based browser as I often do, but lynx does have some useful features. Namely:

And of course it should be obvious that the internet is all about text. You can't search audio, you sure as hell can't search video. Graphics and multimedia are just distractions, at least when accessing any of the links included here.

Of course text-based browsing is not always advisable, sometimes you are interested in getting more than just information. To me that's just fine. However if your current browser is causing you trouble (and if you use internet explorer or netscape then it almost certainly is) and all you need is to search for some quick info or read a lengthy document, then lynx is definitely worth checking out.

And now I must beseech thee to checketh out:
Ye Old Gopher Server

Where amongst other things you will find various old programs and emulators, documents and etc. a veritable treasure trove of historical computing documents. As well you will find many interesting documents such as the United States declaration of independence where you can read (on page 6 for lynx users) about "the merciless Indian savages", and the remaining charges against the british simply reveal the hypocrisy of the americans who invaded Acadia (where do you think the word Cajun comes from) and who tried to invade Canada several times without success.

And finally here it is Crasseux: Gopher Edition my very own gopher server. Check it, this is where is headed...

What the heck here's a link to my home computer. Have fun. If you see anything dangerous or suspicious let me know.

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