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New! Ogg vorbis compression is amazing. It's sound better than mp3, the files are smaller and it's patent free. Here is a song I have transfered from an old 78 rpm record. It was recorded in Chicago on October 24th 1928. The copyright has expired (or at least that is what my understanding of the law suggests) and so I may now distribute it freely. However the transfer that I made is now copyrighted: the copyright belonging to me.
(This is why compilations of blues songs are copyrighted after the original copyright has expired). You may listen to this song and distribute it as long as you:
1. Acknowledge my copyright. 2. Allow anyone who obtains a copy from you to distribute it freely.
In any case here is the song hope you enjoy it: Tampa Red - It's Tight Like That

First off welcome. A few words all music on this site is in the following format 128 kbit mpeg layer 3 audio (mp3). This is a compromise. I myself prefer 384 kbit layer 2 files, I can't tell them from wave files (128k is crap >>:< "mad klingon")). However most people would get pissed if I used 384 kbit files. First it would take you longer to download. Second they usually don't play on hardware players (they don't play on all software players either, but they do work with almost every version of winamp). Lastly my webhost doesn't like me providing huge files to people and hogging their bandwidth. So I'm going with 128k for now. Although 384 is so much better. Don't believe that there's such a difference go try it out for yourself. As soon as I find a good program that makes 384 kbit files I will upload it. Xing mpeg video encoder does a terrific job of this (you can use it on audio only jobs) however I do not have the install files handy so you'll have to wait.

Anything missing, I've got a large cd collection (not to mention about 500 vinyl) that I will be listing soon. Till then let me know if there is anything you would like:

Skip this part if you want it's kind of me endorsing this site I think is cool although I am not being paid in any way. I think they're worth it, but if you're going to get pissed at me for selling out, just skip it.If you seriously believe in mp3 if you don't think the sound quality is cruddy (I kind of do, at least 128 kbit files are pretty cruddy, i go for 384 kbit layer 2 files man they sound good, :) ), go to They have a deal where you can sign up for 10$ a month and download as much as you want. I myself have downloaded 8 gigs from their site. It is well worth it if they have your kind of music. For example they have the entire catalogs of many labels such as stax, volt, fantasy, epitaph, lookout!, etc.and have music from such artists as Muddy Waters, Rancid, Bad Religion, Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello, Apples in Stereo, Isaac Hayes (Chef on South Park), Otis Redding, and many many more.

Btw I am not affiliated with them in any way and do not make any money if you sign up. But seriously they have been bought by Vivendi the company that own Universal and may close down at any time. So get some while you can.

Enough crap on with the show.
Garage Punk
You probably don't know what this stuff is. This is music from the 60s. Not that gooey beatles crap. The real deal raw teen garage stuff. Well ok it's a bit rough, a bit misogynistic at times, etc. But it's just unbelievable at times.Here are two excellent examples off of a compilations called "Garage Punk Unknowns Part Two: Mid-Sixties Americas Teen Garage Rock Action Blast 1965-1967"
The mildly excellent trackPut Her Down* by the Wooly Ones. Btw you might not believe this, but something incredible happened. The copyright holder on the song actually gave me permission to distribute this song for free.
And the incredible Junco Partner* by Nobody's children. Yeab that's the one that the Clash covered on Sandinista, but the two versions have little in common.
* Note: Zip file. Unzip it.

Sure a lot of bands say they want to change the world, but how many actually try. Well probably very few. One such band in the history of popular music was Crass. I'll put up some more info about this one band who never sold out, and never compromised as time permits. For now here's a track off of their incredible LP "Yes Sir, I Will.". What does this sound like? Well this track is pretty straight up punk. But the rest of the CD sound like Atari Teenage Riot 10 years before the fact, at least that's my opinion.
Here's Track 4* (by Crass of course).
Zip file...

Hey here's a track by a band I'm involved in: Thyrd Byrd Tyrd Wyrld Presents TRUSTNO1 and Mr.Pink's In the Pale Moonlight

Radio Shows
If there's only one radio show you listen to (and that's hoping for a lot in this age of video and related crap) it should be Brave New Waves. Monday to Friday from 12:05 AM to 4:00 AM on CBC radio 2 (that's Eastern standard time or whatever my time zone is called). Your one stop for music from the fringe(? damn spelling). I used to listen to this show until 4 AM and nod off in class. Oh well, looking back I actually think that was a wise decision (no that's not sarcarm :P)
Anyways here's a link to their website:
Brave New WavesHey you can listen to them online (almost forgot that). All you need to do is go to and locate the link for listening to CBC radio 2. If you want the realaudio version simply use the following hyperlink:CBC Radio 2(Formerly known as CBC Stereo)

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