NES (Nintendo)

Hi if there's any game that isn't here please email

Hey first of all you need an emulator. But that's easy, because the only emulator worth getting is Nesticle. And here it can be found at the following site Zophar's NESticle shrine

Once you've got that get these roms:

Super Mario 3~200k

The best selling game in the history of video games. While that is true, it's not that great, but it's still pretty good. Get it. Got it. Good.

Legend of Zelda~60k Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link~80k

These two are pretty good. I don't really like them but just ask someone who counts.

Rambo(American) ~70k Rambo 2(Japanese) ~70k

You simply have to play this game. It might seem pointless, stupid, retarded and/or boring. But it really heats up after a while. I played the Japanese version on a cheap nintendo clone in Iran and I managed to finish. No small dead since I didn't know any Japanese back then (I still don't know that much). At first it may seem as though all you're ever going to fight are these stupid bees and snakes, but trust me just wait until you fight people with real guns and it gets pretty good. As with all games don't overuse the save function on your emulator or the game gets pretty boring. I finished the thing the second time I played it. It took me over 5 hours, but was an amusing waste of time.

Oh yeah One thing I still don't get is that the Japanese version is called Rambo first blood part 2. Then where's part one? If you know please tell me.

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