TRUSTNO1's Review of A Confederacy of Dunces

This book might just save my life. First a few words on how I stumbled upon it. I was looking for a book by Neil Stephenson. I think it was Snow Crash. It was in the contemporary American literature section of the library at school, and I just noticed A Confederacy of Dunces. I think I might have heard the name before, but I didn't have any idea what the book was about. I actually thought it would be dry and boring (man was I wrong). I read through the introduction andit didn't really make much of an impression, but I think I was struck by the fact that the book was published posthumously and that it was the author's only work. So anyways I finally decided to pick it instead of Snow Crash, since I didn't really want to read anything too sci-fi and out there anymore (I read Snow Crash a few days later).

Bijan Soleymani
Last modified: Sun Oct 12 01:37:33 EDT 2003

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