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Prime Numbers
I am pleased to inform you that we are the largest public team in existance. So please join us. Any of your computers finds the 100 00$ prime you keep the money. My computer finds the prime I split with the whole team. How do you like that? Cool eh, make 100 000$ and help math, well ok I guess the 100 000$ is what counts, but still.

Again if you're going to join a team it better be ours. I've searched and searched and all I found were two teams one which has done one tenth the work we have and one which has done about 40% as much as us. If you're going to climb to the top it should be with us.

Want to know a little secret: I swiped the version 21 software off of the mersenne.com website. I have it running on two pentium 4s they are working like magic. We will double our work done in the next three months. Don't believe me check our stats page. There are two computers running at 1300 megahertz with unspecified type of processor (they haven't updated their server with p4s because they haven't officially released version 21, which finally supports them).

The Old Info

Visit The Great InternetMersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) they are using PCs to find prime numbers.They are currently testing numbers over a million digits if you find onethat is prime you get 50 000$ US. Oh btw they have this ranking systemwhich shows how much processor power you have spend finding prime numbers.Get the software FreePrime Number Software , then join the account: Username: TRUSTNO1 (allcapitals), Password: 1234 You can check how the account is doing here: TRUSTNO1Primenet Account Statistics , and you can check our ranking here: PrimeNumber Ranking Or you can check the whole list of participants, organised by rankhere: Full List P.S. I am not doing this for the money, I am doing this to get a higherplace on the ranking system, and to help the field of mathematics, you get to keep all of the prize money if you are lucky enough to actually find a prime number over a