Uri Avnery on the fallacy of rising antisemitism

In his article he lays everything bare. Except of course the fact is that both the Christians and Jews hated the Romans, and their religious literature reflects that hatred. Of course this is ironic, since Rome became Christian and today we have Roman Catholics. Which given the gospels’ anti-Roman bent, is a contradiction in terms. Give unto Caesar is weird when the pope has the role of Caesar. Goes somewhat to explaining why catholic priests are forbidden from marrying and having children. In any case Avnery is interesting and very honest as usual.

P.S. He also misses the point that many Arabs would love to move to Israel, if there wasn’t anti-Arab antisemitism in Israel (or anti-Arab Semite-ism in Israel and anti-Jew Semite-ism in the Arab countries).

P.P.S. Though he is right that Europe is the most antisemitic place, because they have the least amount of Semites and still want to get rid of them.

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