Where is Gaza? Where is Israel?

Looking at my traffic it seems a lot of people come here looking for picture while searching for “Where is Gaza?”. So here are some pictures to explain where Israel and Gaza are located with respect to the rest of the world (as well as where the West Bank is located, which is the other half of the Palestinian territories).

For a great picture of just Israel, Gaza and the West bank see the map in this previous post.

Here’s a picture of the whole world with a little red circle around Israel:
Israel in the World

Here’s a picture of Europe and Asia with a red circle around Israel:
Israel in Eurasia

Here’s a picture of the greater Middle East with a red circle around Israel and finally at this scale I can draw a blue circle around Gaza:
Israel and Gaza in the Middle East

Here’s a picture of Israel (red) and Gaza (blue) and their immediate neighbors (Egypt to the South-West, Lebabnon and Syria to the North-East, and Jordan to the East, Mediterranean to the West, and part of Saudi Arabia past Jordan), the West Bank where the rest of the Palestinian territories are located is circled in Green:
Israel and Gaza and their neighbors

And finally here’s a picture of Israel with Gaza circled in blue and the West Bank in green (also in case it is not clear, all the area to the East of the Dead Sea is in Jordan, Amman being its capital):
Israel and Gaza

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