Two of the best in-depth videos on Israel/Palestine

Since both videos are long I will give an outline of the various sections so you can pick and choose what you find most interesting.

First one by Noam Chomsky who supports a two-state solution in the short term (this video is sorely under-appreciated):

0-3:37 about Chomsky’s involvement in Zionism in the 40 and 50s.
3:37-6:47 Chomsky as a supporter of Israel
6:47 – 9:10 Discriminatory laws inside Israel
9:10 – 29:22 One State / Two State solution
29:22 – 32:25 Settlers/IDF having left Gaza
32:35 – 36:30 Rights of the refugees to return
36:30 – 41:00 Back to One State vs a Binational State
41:00 – 50:00 BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment Sanctions)
50:00 – 52:25 South Africa Comparison (Boycott and Pariah State)
52:25 – end Back to BDS movement

Second one by Miko Peled who supports a one-state solution as being the only possible choice:

1. 0:00-0:30 Introduction and preliminaries

2. 0:30-1:30 disclaimer about him not being balanced

3. 1:30-5:37 myth and double standard about this issue
3.a. 1:43-4:04 The right of return Jews vs Palestinians (double standard)
3.b. 4:04-5:37 King David and his descendants (myth)

4. 5:37-26:50 A little bit of history
4.a. 5:37-12:30 1947 United Nations partition plan and 1948 war
4.b. 12:30-23:00 1967 6 day war (erasing Palestine from the map)
4.c. 23:00-24:30 Mid-1970s genesis of the two-state solution
4.d. 24:30-26:10 1993 when the Israeli government became willing to negotiate with the Palestinians
4.e. 26:10-26:50 year 2000, camp David

5. 26:50-27:55 Myth that Palestinians are not willing to make concessions

6. 27:55-31:30 Death of his 13 year old niece at the hands of Palestinian terrorists

7. 31:30-47:00 Doing something about it
7.a.31:30-33:50 Learning about the truth from Palestinian community
7.b.33:50-37:04 Becoming active (area A forbidden to Israelis, racism and hatred, and maintaining priviledge)
7.c.37:04-39:10 Legitimacy of the Palestinian struggle
39:10-40:40 How do two nations share a country? (one-state vs two-state)
40:40-42:10 Three sets of laws (Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians in occupied territories) and racism
42:10-44:00 Israeli army as a terrorist organization
44:00-47:00 How we go from here, example of Apartheid in South Africa, example of racism in Southern American States

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