Who is to blame for Operation Protective Edge? (Kenyan vs Canadian perspective)

Here are two articles about the causes of the current conflict in Israel/Palestine.

First from Kenya:
Israeli incursion in Gaza manifestly unjust

vs the following from Canada:
Iran’s fingerprints all over Hamas-Israel conflict

In brief the Kenyan article blames the blockade of Gaza, which was in effect before Hamas come to power, and the occupation of Palestine which has been going on for over 60 years, and American and Israeli rejectionism.

The Canadian article blames Iran for financing and arming Hamas and Islamic Jihad, without a word about American financing and arming of Israel, the blockade of Gaza or the occupation of Palestine.

I find the Canadian article doubly shameful because it is written by an Iranian-Canadian who considers herself a human rights activist.

Denouncing human rights violations by others (Iran) is hypocritical when we ignore human rights violation by one’s own side (Israel, and its supporters America and Canada). In this case it is worse, since we are using the former to hide the second.

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