Hello world!

Just installed the WordPress. Looking forward to a lot of useless blogging. I’ve always been reluctant to allow for people to post comments. Mostly because I didn’t want to hear the crickets chirping through lack of popularity. But I f think that many people are much too reluctant to make first contact through email (yours truly included), and so I think it is good to reduce the distance.

The second major reason being that I think that the comments tend to kind of become a disorganized mess. But I think that’s a problem that can be solved. Specifically I’m thinking of a way to link comments, or organize them along more than a single dimension…

But the most important reason is that I didn’t want to implement the functionality and I didn’t know if there was a good free software implementation that I could just run on my server. Apparently I was living under a rock because WordPress has been around for almost a decade now…

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